For effective and efficient project development in China to achieve desired standards of safety, quality, cost and schedule, it is of paramont importance to select the most appropriate Chinese Design and Construction companies based on past performance and capability. Lack of working knowledge and experience with Chinese companies often results in selection of the wrong companies for the wrong roles and responsibilities. Resulting higher cost, extended schedule and poor quality are predictable results with required "fixes" far exceeding budget targets. With minimum up front costs, ProSol can bring substantial experience in identifying the right Chinese companies and providing project management oversight to ensure project objectives are realized.

Optimized project delivery is but one of the primary services offered by ProSol through our China based experience and expertise. Additionally as further described, ProSol serves many facets of industrial development projects to include facilities for automotive, health care, environmental and renewable energy systems. Often this entails pre-FEED development and capital cost estimating services to provide that essential "road map" for early project planning.


要使在中国的有效和高效项目开发达到希望的安全、质量、成本和日程标准,基于它们以往的表现和能力选择最合适的中国设计和建筑公司非常重要。 缺少与中国公司打交道的知识和经验常常导致为错误的角色和职责选择错误的公司。 在这种情况下,可预料的结果就是更高的成本、更长的时间和糟糕的质量,以及产生的“修补”费用导致远超过预算目标。 现在,只需要很少的前期费用,您就能获得ProSol在确定合适的中国公司方面的大量经验,以及使ProSol帮助您提供项目管理监督以确保实现项目目标。

最优化的项目交付只是我们基于我们的相关中国经验和专业知识提供的主要服务之一。 此外,正如后面所述,ProSol服务于工业开发项目的很多方面,包括用于汽车、医疗保健、环保以及可再生能源系统的设施。 通常,这必然伴随预前端工程设计(pre-FEED)开发和资本成本估算服务,从而为早期项目计划提供基本“路线图”。


China ProSol Consulting Services Co. Limited (PROSOL) is a Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE) incorporated in Hong Kong and the Peoples Republic of China for purposes of providing specialized services and expertise (drawing on over 60 years of collective China based experience) in the evaluation, planning, development and implementation of marketing, production and capital investment initiatives both inside and outside of China.  PROSOL provides a broad range of expertise spanning key industries in the energy, industrial, commercial and power sectors. Specialized services include market assessments, strategic planning, front end planning, communication and market promotion (including project and company documentaries), project management consulting including both onshore and offshore modular assembly, vendor surveillance, technical audits and equipment inspection, business development planning and support, product and technology representation and project financing and investment. Human resource planning and support on an interim, long term or permanent basis linked to offered specialized services is also available. Download our company presentation here

In complement to ProSol’s portfolio of services, ProSol has established its Global Business Development Training Center to assist both Chinese based and foreign companies in developing effective business oriented sales organizations. Click here for linkage to the sales training program overview: http://www.globalsaleslearningcenter.com



补充作为PROSOL 的组合服务,PROSOL建立了其全球业务发展培训中心,能够协助中国和外国公司建立有效的业务导向型销售机构。点击这里连接到销售培训计划概述:http://www.globalsaleslearningcenter.com


A very natural first question regarding PROSOL specialized services is of course what does this broad portfolio of expertise mean to companies and individuals considering to pursue opportunities either inside of China or through China to outside markets. The answer in two words is “Simplify Complexity”. For those having worked and experienced China first hand, there is no doubt an appreciation for the complexities that characterize doing business in China.  Not insurmountable but certainly challenging and often expensive because of the collateral damage resulting from making the wrong decisions based on limited China based working knowledge. It happens too often with well intentioned management new to China selecting the less than ideal partners and unknowingly developing the wrong implementation strategy.  As Edward Deming, a well known and highly regarded quality expert of his time stated, “…they are off on the Milky Way”.  It can be a very expensive trip in terms of time, money, personnel and ultimately market position lost to those choosing not to take the journey. PROSOL can help avoid these potentially expensive pitfalls and optimize investment of resources.


关于PROSOL的专业服务,第一个很自然的问题就是,这一广泛的专业技术资产组合对于考虑在中国境内或者从中国到国外市场寻求机会的企业和个人来说意味着什么呢?答案就在“简化复杂问题”6个字。那些曾亲身在中国工作和有亲身经历的人肯定都对在中国开展业务的复杂性深有感触。由基于有限的中国工作知识做出的错误决策造成的损失虽然不一定不能克服,但肯定构成很大挑战,且常常造成高昂费用。经常出现的情况是,对中国不熟悉的善意管理层选择了不太理想的合作伙伴,并在不知不觉中制定了错误的实施策略。正如Edward Deming——他所在时代的一位备受尊敬的质量专家曾经说过,“……中国人离我们很远,跟我们不一样”。从时间、金钱、人力以及最终丧失给那些选择不进行这一旅行的竞争对手的市场份额等方面来说,这一旅行过于昂贵。PROSOL能够帮助避免这些潜在的成本高昂的陷阱,以及优化资源投入。


Provide a window of know how into China’s development and market opportunities bringing expertise and experience to today’s challenges to assist others in achieving remarkable results in and through China.




Obviously, there are many consulting companies offering to support market entry into China.  So what makes PROSOL different?

  • First of all, we place considerable importance in LISTENING to our customers and understanding their market objectives and concerns. There is little value in starting a race not knowing the goal line.
  • With a broad portfolio of China based experience, we can bring in the right expertise in the right way fully capitalizing on SYNERGIES of complementary knowledge that often exits in specialized services offered by PROSOL.
  • We COMPLEMENT our own expertise with the strength and capability of other knowledgeable and proven China based companies. Doing this in the right way with the right companies is often the difference between success and mediocrity. With over 60 years of collective China based experience we are pointed in the right direction and can bring valuable perspective to selecting the right partner and defining optimum roles and responsibilities that fully capitalize on complementary capabilities. We are proud and confident but not foolish.
  • Understanding the GAME is more than half the battle. It is imperative in successful market strategy that “black holes” are avoided. Many have fallen into the trap of misunderstanding the issues and not effectively developing a compelling and exciting strategy with their chosen partners. Cordial and polite conversation with key clients is misinterpreted as successful meetings. Only nothing happens and the “black hole” has been found; so much for money, time and effort. We can help through knowledge of the game earned through years of learning.
  • To fully realize the true potential competitiveness of China based resources, we believe it important to CHALLENGE the norm in approach to execution of projects in China. This includes prudent use of Chinese equipment and material to most effectively maximize low cost sourcing through China. Similarly, approach to project management effectively utilizing Chinese resources is another aspect of project execution that offers significant potential for reduced cost without compromise to project integrity.
  • We are COMMITTED to your success. Effective listening, capitalizing on synergistic strengths and highly experienced talent within PROSOL, identifying key companies with complementary capabilities where appropriate and knowing the game are all critical factors in achieving remarkably positive results.  We value the confidence shown in PROSOL if chosen to assist in your market pursuits and we will not let you down.



  • 首先,我们非常重视倾听客户的意见,了解它们的市场目标和关注。因为,在不清楚目标线的情况下开始一项比赛毫无意义。
  • 借助有关中国的广泛知识,我们能够以合适的方式引入合适的专业知识,以充分利用常常存在于PROSOL提供的专业服务中的互补性知识的协同效应。
  • 我们借助其他知识丰富和经证明的中国公司的力量和能力来补充自己的专业知识。以正确的方式与正确的公司打交道常常能决定是成功还是平庸。基于我们在中国超过60年的集体经验,我们清楚正确的方向,并且能够在选择合适的合作伙伴和界定最佳角色和职责以充分发挥互补能力方面带来宝贵的视角。我们自豪、自信但不愚蠢。
  • 充分了解比赛就成功了一大半。成功的市场策略必须能够避免“黑洞”。很多人陷入了这样的陷阱:未能正确理解问题,未能与它们选择的合作伙伴一起有效建立一项令人感兴趣且激动人心的策略。与主要客户的诚恳、有礼貌的对话被误解为成功的会面。但随后未发生任何事情,并且发现了“黑洞”;这造成浪费了很多金钱、时间和努力。我们能够借助通过多年学习获得的关于该工作的知识提供帮助。
  • 要完全实现中国资源的真正潜在竞争力,我们认为,对中国的项目执行方法中的陈规提出质疑很重要。这包括节俭地使用中国设备和材料,以最有效地在中国实现最多低成本采购。类似地,能有效利用中国资源的项目管理方法是在不损害项目完整性的情况下提供很大成本降低潜力的项目执行的另一方面。
  • 我们致力于帮助您实现成功。有效倾听、利用协同优势和PROSOL内部经验丰富的人才、确定具有互补性的关键公司(在适当时),以及充分了解这项工作是实现非凡的积极成果的所有关键因素。如果PROSOL有幸被选中来帮助您实现市场追求,我们将珍视您的信任,不会令您失望。
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